Holiday Book Gift Set

Holiday Book Gift Set

Get autographed copies of both "Chicken Joe" Book/Compact Disc Sets and the Grammy Nominated "Merry Fishes to All" CD for the whole family to enjoy. "TFIA offers 'Merry Fishes' , with comic sugarplums such as 'I Got a Cheese Log'. (Parade Pick)



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Song List “Merry Fishes To All”

1. Chocolate Christmas
2. My First Christmas
3. Snow is Falling
4. Santa Brought Me Clothes (Stream the mp3)
5. Snow Day
6. The Eleven Cats of Christmas
7. Just Because, Mrs Claus
8. I Got a Cheese Log
9. Bob and Bob  (Stream the mp3)
10. You Gotta Get Up
11. My Birthday Comes on Christmas
12. The Christmas Letter

Read More About Merry Fishes To All.

A new story and original songs from Trout Fishing in America and publishers -The Secret Mountain has earned a NAPPA Gold Award, is a Gold Medalist in the Moonbeam Awards and earned the Mr. Dad Gold Seal of Approval. Song List “Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important” is below. Check out the MUSIC VIDEO from “16 or 17 Hours of Sleep”

1) Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important (Story)
2) Rock and Roll Roosters (Stream the mp3)
3) 16 or 17 Hours of Sleep   (Stream the mp3)
4) Hello, My Chicken Thinks He’s a Dog
5) Through the Pines
6) For Me To Know and You To Find Out
7) The Fish Swim Backwards in the Sky
8) C-A-T in the H-E-N House
9) Where Did Everybody Go?
10) You’ve Got a Funny Name
11)Dance With Me

My Name is Chicken Joe is the first picture book/CD combo from Trout Fishing in America. The book is a whimsical story with a profound message: you can’t rely on labels to identify the true nature of anyone, including a cat named Chicken Joe. Published by The Secret Mountain and beautifully illustrated by Stephan Jorisch, the book includes a CD with 11 Trout Songs, featuring the song that made one of Keith’s cats famous. Song List “My Name is Chicken Joe”

1. Chicken Joe
2. My Best Day
3. I Can Dance
4. Something Sweet
5. It’s a Puzzle
6. Fill It Up
7. Why I Pack My Lunch
8. La La Land
9. Boiled Okra and Spinach
10. Hard Ball
11. Count On Me

Check out the video and Read More About My Name is Chicken Joe.


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