The Strangest Times

The Strangest Times

Trout goes back to basics for this new CD with 11 brand new original songs played as a duo and a cover version of BW Stevenson's On My Own.


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Song List and Notes

1   The Strangest Times      Grimwood/Idlet (Troutoons Publishing BMI) @2017
Ezra- lead vocal, bouzouki / K-harmony vocal, bass
Over the years, when things aren’t going so well, you sometimes notice the same person keeps showing up to help you out. This song is a thank you. It is also an acknowledgment that the world is really getting strange!

2   In the Morning              Grimwood/Idlet (Troutoons Publishing, BMI) @2017
Keith- lead vocal, bass / Ezra- harmony vocal, guitar
Many hours of driving can yield strange results. As the body wanders, the mind wanders. Ghosts appear and want to chat. So, what do you want to talk about? “I ain’t scared of no ghost…”

3   A Place to Fall              Grimwood/Idlet (Troutoons Publishing, BMI) @2017
Ezra- lead vocal, guitars /  Keith- harmony vocal, bass
Sometimes you have to make the smart decision when you meet your limitations. Not always, but it’s a good plan.

4   When the Fog Rolls In      Ezra Idlet (Troutoons Publishing, BMI) Craig Calvert (Calvertunes, ASCAP) @2017
Ezra- lead vocal, guitar / Keith- harmony vocal, bass
Looking out the front window over 24 years of life on Cove Creek Road South, Prairie Grove, AR.

5   Where’s Your Mama?       Grimwood/Idlet (Troutoons Publishing, BMI) @ 2014
Keith- vocal, bass / Ezra- guitars
This is an imaginary story of an ELDERLY gentleman addressing a lovely YOUNG woman he has just met. Totally fictional, but good advice for some of you guys out there.

6   Someone Your Age           Grimwood/Idlet (Troutoons Publishing, BMI) @2017
Keith- vocal, bass / Ezra- guitar
Some songs write themselves. This one came as a result of Keith’s yearly physical. No bad news, but just not exactly what he wanted to hear. It’s a blues song.

7   Where Did Everybody Go?   Grimwood/Idlet (Troutoons Publishing, BMI) @2010
Ezra- lead vocal, bouzouki /  Keith- harmony vocal, bass
This song originally appeared on the CD in our kid’s book, Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important. We always loved it and it gives Ezra another opportunity to play the bouzouki.

8   Quiet Alleys                     Grimwood/Idlet (Troutoons Publishing, BMI) @2017
Ezra- vocal, guitar / Keith- violin
Some memories need to be kept alive, nourished, and revisited. Even the tough ones. This is for Leah, “a brilliant light that will always shine…”

9   Boat on a String         J.T. Huff/ Grimwood/Idlet (Troutoons Publishing, BMI) @ 2017
Keith- lead vocal, bass / Ezra- harmony vocal, guitars
There was a painting on the bathroom wall in a hotel near the Boston airport. A boy, a girl, a boat on a string. Had to be written. The music was provided by our friend J.T. Huff, guitar player with an awesome band called the Outliers.

10   Love Love                Grimwood/Idlet (Troutoons Publishing, BMI) @2107
Keith- lead vocal, bass / Ezra- guitars
Sometimes we just need to rock. And nothing can rock your world like love!

11   Give Me the Wheel       Grimwood/Idlet (Troutoons Publishing, BMI) @2017
Keith- lead vocal, bass / Ezra- guitar
Keith started writing this song in 1976, but couldn’t get anywhere with it, until NOW! Sometimes you need the wheel, even if you don’t know where you’re going. With the illusion of control, it’ll seem like your idea when you get there.

12   On My Own       Louis Stevenson (BMG Bumblebee, Prophecy Publishing ASCAP)
Ezra- lead vocal, guitar /  K- harmony vocal, bass
This is a sad and lovely song by B.W. Stevenson. Always been one of our favorites. Keith- I can still see Ezra and and B.W., face to face, playing guitars backstage in Beaumont, TX, 1976 at Lamar University.


Producer – Ezra Idlet

Artwork and Graphic Design – Susan Lindsay

Photography – Don House

Mastering/Manufacturing –

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