Trout Fishing in America, Live At The Epic Theater

Trout Fishing in America, Live At The Epic Theater

Keith and Ezra begin their 40th year as Trout by recording "Trout Fishing in America, Live At The Epic Theater" in Grand Prairie, TX. This is their first live album recorded as a duo.


Keith and Ezra recorded their first live album as a duo!  Keith plays upright and electric bass.  Ezra plays guitar, electric bouzouki, and electric banjo.  This album is a gift to Trout from the generous team at The Epic in Grand Prairie, TX.

1. The Strangest Times, Grimwood/Idlet, Troutoons Publishing, BMI © 2017, 3:40

2. A Place To Fall, Grimwood/Idlet, Troutoons Publishing, BMI © 2017, 3:30

3. When I Was A Dinosaur, David Egan, BMG Bumblebee OBO David Egan Music, BMI and Larry Armer, BMG Rights Management LLC, BMI © 1986, 3:11

4. Pico De Gallo, Emily Kaitz and Marilyn Cain, Pingleblobber Music, BMI, © 1988, 3:49

5. Ode to Big Blue, Gordon Lightfoot, WB Music Corp OBO Moose Music, ASCAP, © 1972, 5:05

6. The Window, Nursery Rhymes/Traditional, 5:43

7. Someone Your Age, Grimwood/Idlet, Troutoons Publishing, BMI © 2017, 3:58

8. Where’s Your Mama?, Grimwood/Idlet, Troutoons Publishing, BMI © 2014, 3:26

9. Don’t Touch My Stuff!, Grimwood/Idlet, Troutoons Publishing, BMI and Connie Mims, Pandulce Music, BMI, © 2012, 5:05

10. Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Alberto Carisch, Earl Scruggs, Peer International Corp, BMI, © 1950 (The Ballad of Jed Clampett, Paul Henning, Carolintone Music Company Inc, © 1962), 1:47

11. When The Fog Rolls In, Ezra Idlet, Troutoons Publishing, BMI and Craig Calvert, Calvertunes, ASCAP © 2017, 4:11

12. The Lowdown, Lloyd Maines, BMG Bumblebee OBO Artmob Music, BMI and Terri Hendrix, BMG Bumblebee OBO THM Music, BMI © 1996, 3:24

13. I Pretend To Understand, Grimwood/Idlet, Troutoons Publishing, BMI © 2010, 3:45

14. Not Fade Away, Charles Hardin and Norman Petty, MPL Music Publishing Inc., OBO Wren Music, BMG Gold Songs, ASCAP and BMI, © 1957, (Tequila, Chuck Rio, EMI Longitude Music Co, Universal Music-Careers, BMI, © 1958), 7:31

15. Lullaby, Grimwood/Idlet, Troutoons Publishing, BMI © 1991, 4:37

16. What I Want Is A Proper Cup Of Coffee, R.P. Weston/Bert Lee, Frances Day and Hunter, © 1926, 4:17

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